About Us

Welcome to Aris Furs

Our company Aris Furs was founded in Thessaloniki and has been operating since 1980. Initially it started as a small, family business and now it is one of the largest fur shops in the city. Extensive experience, know-how and high aesthetics characterize our furs. High quality and recognized leathers are used as raw material (BLACKGLAMA, SAGA ROYAL, NAFA, PLATINUM FURS etc.), from the largest international auctions (America, Canada, Denmark, Finland). Our constant control at all stages of production ensures excellent quality. Our furs are sewn in the city of Kastoria, in specialized and trained in the field of fur, handicrafts. The models used come from Italy. Our collections consist of special, modern and classic pieces. All these elements constitute the secret of our success, the reason why today the company ARIS FURS is recognized and successful in the field of fur.

Address: 3 stores (Thessaloniki, Halkidiki) Tel: (+30) 2310 535-112